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25 Years of Passion for Purity

Since 1999, at WoodSprite Organic Body, our sole purpose is to bring you Effective, 100% Natural, Highest Quality Organic Spa and Body Products of Uncompromising Purity.

And quality begins with our clean botanical ingredients--ingredients that are in as close to their whole and natural state as possible. We choose and use only the finest certified organic herbs and herbal extracts, distilled pure essential oils and cold pressed, exotic organic fruit and nut oils and butters, because high quality means highest effectivity. We choose to let our ingredients lists speak for themselves, and there are very few brands with a list as clean and pure as ours. 

We like to rely on our happy customers to spread the word about us, and prefer to invest in the quality of our ingredients rather than in wasteful packaging or flashy marketing. We pay special attention to the details; every one of our organic soaps, spa & body items or soy aromatherapy candles are lovingly handmade "from scratch" in small batches daily, enabling us to maintain our high standard of purity. Real people make our products, not machines. And you can tell. 

But perhaps what truly sets WoodSprite apart since the beginning and throughout our 25 years in business, is our unwavering commitment to ecological sustainability. It is at the root of all our efforts and the heart of our business. All people make a difference; every single day each of us makes choices which affect every other living creature. Whether we do so consciously or not, whether the effect is positive or not, we all have an impact. Mahatma Gandhi said, "You must be the change you wish to see in the world". It was this simple philosophy that gave birth to WoodSprite in the first place. And it is the philosophy which guides our business practices every day. We use only botanical and certified organic ingredients; never chemicals or other harsh fillers. We utilize recycled materials for our simple packaging. We use and reuse whenever possible, minimizing our impact on landfills and the waste stream. We want the difference we make to be a positive one.

WoodSprite was birthed back in 1999 in my apartment kitchen because I had so many chemical sensitivities and in those days, there were not many natural skin or body care product brands. It seemed like every product I tried from the health food store was compromised in some way or another—either with synthetic fragrances and colorants, petroleum-based emulsifiers and surfactants, or preservatives of questionable safety. Frustrated, I began experimenting in my kitchen, looking back in history--before commercialization--to time honored methods of blending unprocessed, natural ingredients that helped my sensitive skin and didn’t harm our environment. I saw immediate improvement in my skin’s health, and friends and family who bravely volunteered to be test subjects saw improvement, too! This ignited a passion within me to find better ways to formulate effective, TRULY natural skincare and step as lightly on the Earth as possible. I never set out to start an entire business out of it but soon, as I gifted my creations to coworkers and friends, they spread the word and I started getting orders from total strangers…and suddenly, I found myself a full time formulator and purveyor of my handmade goods! To this day, I delight in the genuine joy my products gives others, and hearing that something I made helped someone with skin troubles like mine. Over these 25 years, I have had many offers to sell to upscale chains or sell out to bigger companies, but it would have required me to compromise the purity of my formulas in favor of larger scale production...which is something I simply refuse to do.

So each time you enjoy one of our organic soaps, or soak up some of our organic whipped shea butter, or take in the uplifting scent of our soy aromatherapy candles, you can rest assured that it is made of the purest possible ingredients, with a great deal love and mindful attention. Our products may smell wonderful, and they may feel even better, but most important of all, they're good for you and the planet we share.

In a world where the dizzying pace of daily life is leaving us stressed and increasingly disconnected from nature, each other and even our selves, we here at WoodSprite try to bridge the gap between intention and spirit by offering simple luxuries that raise the value of every day experiences. Sure, maybe it's a lofty notion to think that a bar of soap can be therapeutic, but sometimes it's the little things--such as a whiff of real grapefruit on a dreary winter afternoon or the tingle of mint on your toes after a long, hot day on your feet--that give us permission to stop for just a moment, and simply BE. Small, sustainable pleasures to bring a smile to your face; little acts of self-kindness which help us to cope, help us reconnect to our source. We spend so much of our time running to keep up, we tend to forget that we need to refuel. Can a little old bar of soap help us do that? Absolutely. And so, dear friend...pause, inhale, enjoy. Repeat as necessary.

- Jacquelyn Ramsey

Founder & President, WoodSprite Organic Body