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Tingle Toes Organic Foot Spray
Tingle Toes Organic Foot Spray

Tingle Toes Soothing Organic Foot Spray

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Always put your best foot forward with our Tingle Toes sole-soothing organic hydrosol foot spray! Ideal for the gym, dance studio, poolside or simply on the go, our unique formula of certified organic herbal extracts and essential oils refresh, deodorize and soothe with a tantalizing tingle and fantastically fresh scent. 

Organic Tea Tree Oil's well documented anti-fungal and antibacterial powers are put to the fore to protect your tired tootsies from rogue fungi and odor-causing bacteria, while organic Peppermint and Aloe, along with extracts of wildcrafted Witch Hazel, organic Yarrow, White Willow and Sage help to soothe swelling or inflammation that can cause discomfort. Tingle Toes is the perfect companion to keep in your gym or beach bag for an instant foot refresher, whenever and wherever you need it!

How to Use: Shake well, then spray tops and bottoms of feet after shower, or as you feel the need. As a special treat, try storing in the fridge and spraying feet on a hot day!

Ingredients: *Organic Peppermint Hydrosol, *Organic Tea Tree Hydrosol, *Organic Witch Hazel, *Organic Vegetable Glycerine; Extracts of *Organic Peppermint, *Organic Olive Leaf; Pure Essential Oils of *Organic Peppermint, *Organic Tea Tree & Sweet Birch; Vitamin C. (*Certified Organic) 100% Natural & Chemical-Free.

4 fl. oz. in Recyclable HDPE Bottle & Sprayer

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