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PURIFY Essential Oil Blend
PURIFY Essential Oil Blend

PURIFY Essential Oil Blend

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There is a centuries-old, well known story regaled among herbalists (and books on herbalism) of a very special blend of botanicals that, as legend has it, possessed incredible protective powers and, when mixed into a vinegar concoction, kept a band of four robbers who pilfered the graves of the dead from becoming infected like the unfortunate souls from whom they stole. While this clever blend was believed to save them from contracting the plague, however, it wasn't enough to prevent them from being caught. But it did save them once more, when they supposedly revealed their secret formula to the authorities in exchange for leniency in their sentencing. 

Whether the legend is true or not, the protective properties of certain herbs and, consequently, the highly concentrated essences distilled from them are actually quite effective and scientifically proven to be antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal. But perhaps the best thing about this story? They smell soooooooooooooo lovely together! Uplifting, yet grounding, slightly herbal, with hints of citrus and all rounded out with a spicy middle, our Purify blend smells soothing, inviting and refreshing all at once! Purify your aura and your space, breathing in deeply this comforting, warm blend.

Gentle and organic can also be powerful and effective, so we have combined the best of both worlds in our Purify blend.  While this blend of essential oils is not meant to replace washing with soap and water, it does add a boost of protective power when used for home aromatherapy applications.

TO USE: It just so happens that these powerful, protective herbal distilled essences also smell fresh and refreshing! To enjoy this aromatic, therapeutic blend, add a few drops to your bath, diffuser, favorite hand or body lotion, etc... Do NOT ingest; never take internally. Always use properly diluted.  

FULL INGREDIENTS: Pure Essential Oils of *Eucalyptus, Cinnamon Bark, Rosemary, Cinnamon Leaf, Carrot Seed, Clove, *Tea Tree and *Lemon. (* Certified Organic)

All of our essential oils are therapeutic grade, unadulterated, natural and 100% pure.  

10ml/0.33 fl. oz. Amber Glass Vial with Dropper Cap. $10.

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