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Ginger & Mustard Warming Foot Scrub
Ginger & Mustard Warming Foot Scrub

Ginger & Mustard Warming Organic Foot Scrub

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Though we rely on our feet to carry us just about everywhere we go in life, we also tend to take them for granted, only noticing them once they're feeling sore or swollen. When our feet hurt, then it slows down the whole system. You might just be surprised how refreshing a little foot pampering can be!

Treat your tired soles to our unique, gently exfoliating organic cornmeal foot scrub to smooth calluses and soften the rough skin of the feet. With its warming, stimulating spices, this scrub not only smells scrumptious, but also helps to increase blood flow to cold, tired feet. Certified Organic Clove and Cinnamon are naturally antibacterial, while Ginger Root and Mustard stimulate, warm and soothe. Along with conditioning Certified Organic Shea Butter and Avocado Oil, this mild scrub fosters softer, nourished, healthier skin with essential fatty acids and Vitamin E.

To Use: As routine maintenance once or twice per week between pedicures: While sitting, scoop a small dollop (the size of a quarter) and scrub onto wet feet (being cautious of slippery surfaces), then rinse and pat dry. To give yourself (or someone special) a full home spa pedicure, begin with one of our fabulous effervescent Spa Foot Soaks, follow with our Ginger & Mustard Foot Scrub, then finish off with a tingling foot and leg massage using our Ginger & Mustard Organic Shea foot butter!

Ingredients: Saponified *Organic Olive and *Organic Coconut Oils, *Organic Shea Butter, *Organic Castor Oil, *Organic Avocado Oil, *Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil; Sulfated Castor Oil, *Organic Cornmeal, Essential Oils of Clove, Ginger, Black Pepper, Cassia & Turmeric; *Ginger Root, *Cinnamon, *Mustard, Vitamin E. (*Certified Organic)

4.5 oz Recyclable Jar & Lid

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