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Exfoliating Organic Body Wash Gel - Sauna
Sauna Organic Exfoliating Body Gel

Exfoliating Organic Body Wash Gel - Sauna

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Our invigorating, gently exfoliating body gel cleanser features the refreshing, purifying power of Sweet Birch, Juniper and Cedarwood. It's a pure and natural body wash that's different from most liquid shower products on the market because we use a base of natural soap (instead of harsh detergents), hand blended from certified organic olive and coconut oils, along with organic herbal extracts and naturally scented with only pure, aromatherapy grade steam-distilled essential oils. Contains finely textured black walnut shells and wildcrafted birch bark to create an effective—yet gentle—body buffing cleanser that rinses clean and leaves skin feeling newly smooth and revitalized. 

What it Does: Cleanses while exfoliating, scrubbing away dead skin cells and reducing bumps and ingrown hairs.

To Use: Once or twice weekly, shake well and squeeze a generous amount of gel into palm and work onto wet skin, buffing in circular patterns, then rinse. Avoid eyes. Great for the whole body, but not recommended for the face. Oil-Free.

Pure Ingredients: Purified Artesian Spring Water, Saponified Oils of *Organic Coconut, *Organic Extra Virgin Olive & *Organic Castor; Black Walnut Shells, *Organic Vegetable Glycerin, *Organic Guar Gum, Wildcrafted Birch Bark, Pure Essential Oils of Sweet Birch, Cedarwood, Juniper Berry, Balsam Fir, *Organic Eucalyptus, *Organic Lemon, Red Cedar, *Organic Grapefruit, *Organic Lavender, Allspice, *Organic Peppermint, Clove & Sassafras; Fresh Extracts of *Organic Lavender, *Organic Green Tea, *Organic Marshmallow Root, *Organic Oat Seed, *Organic Calendula & *Organic Peppermint. (*Certified Organic) 100% Natural.

8.5 fl. oz. in Recyclable Bottle

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