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Amber Earth Organic Soap - LIMITED AVAILABILITY

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***PLEASE NOTE: Due to the limited availability of the Syrian amber resin which is the foundation of our Amber Earth line, we are unable to predict if and when we will have Amber Earth soap or other products in stock again. Because we are unable procure an ongoing, reliable shipment of the required amber resin, all Amber Earth items will be considered a Limited Edition, and availability cannot be guaranteed.***

Heaven and earth collide in the velvety, luxuriously rich lather and sensual warmth of amber, vanilla and patchouli, making this soap (and anyone who uses it) hard to resist. Our divinely feminine, superbly luxe organic body soap is cured for a period of six months to allow the exotic aroma of amber to fully develop. If our other soaps are like bathing in silk, Amber Earth™ is like bathing in pure velvet.

Amber resins vary widely and, depending on the region in which they're sourced, are mixed with locally obtained beeswax and proprietary essential oils and natural resins, making every amber blend a wholly unique signature of its locale. Our amber is of the highest quality we could find, with a deep, rich round body balanced with sweet oriental top notes.

Kokum Butter is obtained from the oily seeds of the Garcinia indica tree, also known as the Goa tree and native to India. It is similar in texture and character to cocoa butter, but with a creamy white appearance and no scent. It is among the superior butters for moisturizing and softening the skin, and adds a richness to this soap that is unparalleled.

Ingredients: Saponified Oils of *Organic Extra Virgin Olive, *Organic Coconut, *Organic Palm & *Organic Sunflower; Kokum Butter, Amber Resin, East Indian Dark Patchouli, Vanilla Oleoresin. Most skin types. (*Certified Organic) 4 oz. wt.

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